Apartments and studios for rent

Our hotel offers comfortable Studios and Apartments for rental during summer season or even all year round too. These apartments are located in Kavros beach, near to Georgioupolis, very closed to unique natural Lake of Kournas and near to Kournas village.

Apartments and studios for rent

Breathtaking views to both the sea and the mountains.
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A long time ago in Kournas village, the good old potters handicraft with its centuries old Cretan tradition was a way of earning a living. In those times this handicraft was less regarded as an art form and more as a way to produce necessary household articles and utensils for daily use. Then, the shops were far away, a trip was arduous, and ceramics were the only way to produce household appliance in Cretan villages. With the modern ages and the mass production of goods using metal, plastic, glass or porcelain, the potters could no longer compete and disappeared from Kournas village or they turned to other crafts or trades in order to earn their living.

Both brothers of Tsakalakis family, who were born and grew up in the village of Kournas, decided with heavy hearts to move to Chania. Tsakalakis family was and still it is, one of the oldest families in Crete producing hand made ceramics). In Chania they married, had children and looked forward to a more prosperous future. They located their pottery close to the city on the slopes of the local mountain, and continued to foster the traditional Cretan hand work, which they had learned it from their parents, making beautiful amphors, vases, jars, plates, bowls and other forms in various colors. Both brothers never forgot their home, and many years later when the tourism opened up the Apokoronas region, they renovated an old small house in Kournas, which had been used as a stable, and traditionally belongs to the family. Constantine Tsakalakis a grandson opened a lovely shop there in spring of 1997, where he sells his familys traditional handicraft until today. Nowadays the whole family works in the same pottery which specializes in hand made, designer but useful high quality ceramics, ideal as ornaments or for daily use.

At present we own three shops in Crete and also export to five European countries: The United Kingdom, Cyprus, Sweden, Belgium and Germany.

Our Main Shop situated in Kournas village until today, near to the natural Kournas Lake (3.5 km) and is called TERRA-COTTA. It opens all year round, including Sundays. (From 9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.)


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